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Designated Doctors Outsourcing, LLC provides administrative functions
and services for physicians who perform
designate doctor reports, required medical examinations,
certified medical reports, and peer review medical examinations.

Services We Offer

Designated Doctors Outsourcing, LLC (DDO) was created to provide outsourcing administrative functions and services for physicians who perform designate doctor reports, required medical examinations, certified medical reports, and peer review medical examinations.

Our goal is to assist the physician with their reports and billing by simply allowing the physician the means and capability to document their medical reports, conduct medical operations, and perform billing services through a secure web site especially designed for designated doctors. We do not employ physicians, but rather provide a web-based service which minimizes the amount of work by a designated doctor in completing medical reports and physician bills.

Listed here are some of the services offered by DDO as we are continuing to add more services over time as our clients ask us to do so. If you need a medical evaluation service that is not listed here, be sure to contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you and learn what your needs are.

  1. Web-based secure intranet access at a low monthly fee for performing all medical operations
  2. Up-to-date software especially designed for designated doctor and independent medical examinations
  3. An integrated data field entry system which simplifies and interfaces the medical reports with the required documents from the State such as the DWC-69, and the DWC-73
  4. Streamlines the billing process by integrating the data input from the report into the HCA 1500, thus minimizing the time spent by the physician in filling out a medical bill
  5. Physicians have the opportunity to conduct their own billing operations from their own secure login or can decide to utilize DDO for their billing for a low cost set fee per report
  6. Receive and send faxes by using their own personal identification secure number that is integrated into the web site in order to send and receive faxes online
  7. Receive appointment coordination requests (DWC-32), set appointment dates with assigned patients, receive medical records, and conduct all operations without the use of paper. (Please note that some physicians or insurance carriers may select to mail records through the mail simply as the result of the sheer volume of paper involved with some patients)
  8. Send letters of clarification directly from the web site
  9. Download all reports, records, and billing information in order to mail when desired to handle disputes

What We Do Not Do

  1. Provide office space for medical examinations. We have found that physicians are better off determining which counties and cities they will like to examine patients. With the abundant supply of executive offices for lease through corporations like or even through privately owned physical therapy or chiropractor offices, physicians can have the freedom to pick and choose at which location and rate that would benefit them in order to minimize their overhead. Most rates are determined per hour or per patient as per the facility. The average cost is $15-50 per hour or $25-30 per patient. This also allows you take advantage of tax savings by being able to deduct office space from your income.
  2. Employ physicians. We are not a staffing company and we do not take 45-55% of income generated by your hard work. We provide the only web based program that simplifies your independent contracting work as a designated doctor or independent examiner for medical examinations.
  3. Answer your phone or handle questions regarding your reports or billing. We merely outsource at a low cost to maximize your income. We would not be cheap if we had to conduct all your administrative tasks, but again we are not keeping 55% of your income either.
  4. Collect your money. Although we may perform your billing and account services for a low fee for service fee. Insurance companies pay you the full amount of what we or you personally bill. We only send you a monthly bill for services used.

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